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Tombstone Names

* Tim Buhr - (logger)
* Eileen (with a tilted stone)
* Iva Migrane - (head nurse)
* I told you those mushrooms were bad.
* Colleen Collect - (telephone operator)
*Here lies Humpty Dumpty- Rest In Pieces
*Exeikle Smith aged 102 The good die young.
*Here lies Johnny Yeast. Pardon me for not rising.
*If you'er close enough to read this, get the heck off me.
*Here lies dear old Ted, slipped and fell and broke his head.
*Here lies Bette Midler. She lost the wind beneath her wings.
*Here lies my wife, here let her lie. Now she's at rest and so am I
*Count Dracula - Born:1432 - Died:1532, 1703, 1815, 1969, 2000
*Here lies Joe Blake, Stepped on the gas instead of the brake
*I always said I was sick, but nobody believed me.
Dr. Acula M.T. Tomb Noah Pulse Barry M. Goode
Susan Cide C. U. Latah C. N. Worms I. M. Wormfood
Sal Manilla M. T. Boxx Alfa Lyphe Ben N. Balmed
Izzy Dead C. N. Angels Barry D'Live Casper DeGhost
Willy Rott R. E. Manes Mark A. Place Barry R. Bones
Ben Ghone Al  B.  Bach B. A. Ghoul Sean Betterdais
Ima Ghoner Doug Graves Frank N. Stein Seymore Flames
Pete Moss Dincy Train Wynt Missing Yuel B. Cummin
Izzy Blue Noah Liphe Seymore Soil Willy Comeback
Ima Stiph Tom B Stone Izzy Deadyet Yule B. Heresoon
Murry Derred Ben Dedlong Bonney V'oyage Seymore Spirits
Myra Maines Willy B. Back I. B. Stiph Seymore Bones
I.N. Sane Ima Weepin Yadid Kyllum Shellbe Mush
B. Phore C. D. Veins Justin Case Yvonne Yurgone
Sam Minella E. Koli John Duss Ollie Saidwas
Anita Newbody Justin Pieces Ed Shudazagged Daisey Pusher
Sue E. Sital Ben Better Dunn Gondahel Barry M. deaper
Ima Deadman Helen Back Clara Voiyant Robin U. Blynde
Ima Lost Ima Traylor Tom Foolery R. U. Dunyett
Izzy A. Werewolf Janet Torr Ivana Fawt Ima Nerd
Dr. Doolittle-Goode Ella Vadore Pearl E. Gates General K. Oss
Ophilia Butts Y. Mee Harry Butts Les Butts
Doug A. Whole Ivor Cough I. M. Nutter Miss N. Stake
Many thanks to everyone who contributed names!!!
If you think of some good names, send them to me. Email